Sunday, January 11, 2015


'Look how the sanderling at the front is hanging against the wind'

"A black-headed gull (in winter plumage) hanging in the wind"
The weather was very stormy today.
Everyone of my family had to do their own things. 
So I took my chance and went alone to the beach. My goal was to take pictures of a "drieteenstrandloper/sanderling"
These birds are so fun to look at. It was hard to get a neat picture of them. The wind was so strong I almost couldn't hold my camera still. 
There was not so much light since the day became more grey as soon as I arrived on the beach
I will go back when the sun shines. 


Supergoof said...

zo grappig die foto's van het 3-tal, alsof ze samen een strandwandeling aan het maken zijn

Phyllis said...

Dacht hetzelfde als Ingrid hierboven, ze zijn inderdaad grappig, waar zouden ze het over hebben? En die laatste foto, die vond ik al mooi.